Tips for Dating a Successful Man

Over the course of my life, many women have asked me, “How do you find such good men?” “How do you attract successful men?” I’ve even dated billionaires and millionaires. Here’s my simple advice…

Rule #1: Be Successful Yourself

You can’t attract successful men if you’re not aiming for success yourself. It may sound harsh, but in today’s world, many successful men seek women who are also successful or at least capable of handling their own affairs. It’s somewhat of a game—play it smart. Act as if you don’t need them, making a good impression. If they offer you gifts, kindly decline them for the first few weeks. It’s crucial they understand you’re not just after their money. Accepting gifts or money too soon can signal the wrong intentions.

Rule #2: Don’t Rush Into Physical Intimacy

This is crucial, especially when dating men of higher financial status. You will encounter many who might assume your intentions are purely monetary if you move too quickly. Stand out by taking it slow. Avoid physical intimacy for the first 90 days or until you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship. This approach might seem old-fashioned, but it’s effective.

Rule #3: Don’t Be Needy

Successful men often work long hours. For instance, a lover of mine, a successful neurologist, works over 100 hours a week. He doesn’t have time to exchange constant texts or worry about minor dramas. Be the person he looks forward to spending time with, not someone who adds to his stress. Keep your life drama-free and let him come to you when he has free time.

Rule #4: Maintain Your Appearance

It might sound vain, but appearances matter, especially when dating highly successful people. Rarely will you see a wealthy and successful man with someone who doesn’t care about their appearance. Always aim to look chic and classy. Understand your makeup and fashion. Dress elegantly—even at the gym, opt for something sophisticated over casual. Be the kind of partner that matches their lifestyle not only in intellect but also in style.

By following these rules, you set yourself up not just to attract successful men, but to foster genuine, respectful relationships where you are valued for who you are, not just what you appear to want.

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